ValloBoat is a divison of Vallovapor GmbH, Berlin (Germany).

Vallovapor GmbH has been in service in the fields of disinfection and mold and odor removal since 2009. In particular, its areas of operation are the housing and food industries.

In 2012, ValloBoat was founded as a one-stop service to meet the specialized needs of customers in the automotive, aircraft and especially the nautical sectors.

With a newly developed dry fogging technology, boat interiors are hygienically cleaned and sterilized. The technology has been tested according to strict guidelines, and makes an important contribution to healthy air in enclosed spaces.

ValloBoat operates out of Palma, Majorca. Other locations can also be covered through our partner companies. In addition, a mobility team is ready for action 24 hours a day, worldwide, in case of damages or for preventative measures.

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ValloBoat binds pathogens like germs and allergens and neutralizes them. Our treatment removes unpleasant odors like cigarette smoke, pet odors, intense food odors, and the smell of mold and mildew. The active ingredient penetrates inaccessible cracks, crevices and gaps and has a lasting effect – meaning clean air for several months. There are a variety of possible uses for boats:

On every charter boat, a lot of guests spend a lot of time in a small space and use areas like sleeping berths, cabins, kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces extensively.

In addition to cleaning the surfaces, our treatment disinfects the room air to eliminate all germ build-up early on.

At the end of the season, many guests, employees and service providers have stayed in your rooms on a weekly basis. Use our fogging technique to make your rooms germ-free. Our treatment also has preventative and long-lasting effects. This provides an opportunity to use our treatment before your boat is put back into service or when it will not be used for an extended period. In particular, the preventative action is a way to prevent germs and odors at the start of the season after storage.

You bought a used boat and want to make sure it is germ and odor-free. Use our treatment to significantly boost your well-being.

You have a new crew. Start fresh with an improved hygiene standard for you, your employees and your guests.

Your boat is for sale. Increase your chance of a sale and create competitive advantage with a germ-free interior and our hygiene certificate. We can raise your sale price by removing possible odors and mold through our treatment.

Do you rent out your boat on a daily or weekly basis? Create competitive advantage with our hygiene certificate and solve odor problems in advance, before they impact your charter revenues or your customer satisfaction.

Hypoallergenic rooms are now standard in the top hotels. Noteworthy hotels already use our system successfully. With germ-free and hypoallergenic rooms, you can create competitive advantage and generate much higher charter prices.
After our treatment, the room air is sterilized and is demonstrably much better than the outside air.

You have bought a new boat or are thinking about buying one. Use our system preventatively to keep surfaces and room air free of germs.

Do you have odor problems, mold or a high germ load in your room air? Use our cold fogging process to quickly, safely and long-lastingly solve these problems.



  A specially-designed fogging device is positioned in the room. It nebulizes the active ingredient into the interior of the boat. The process does not create any moisture.
  The fine mist penetrates all crevices and binds odor particles. ValloBoat is an aqueous solution and is therefore nonflammable. It is not an irritant, is non-allergenic and is safe for all surfaces and electronics when used as intended.
  The ventilation system is turned on at the same time and is also disinfected and cleared of microorganisms and odors through the fogging process.
  Additional openings or heavily infested areas can also be fogged manually.
  After a short acting time and airing out the space, the rooms are once again safe for occupants and free from odors. The fogging process only has to be repeated in rare cases of very stubborn odors.
  Odors and pathogens are neutralized lastingly for several months.



The mode of action of ValloBoat is basically a physical process: as a cationic polymer mixture, ValloBoat attaches to the anionically-charged cell walls and membranes of germs, viruses and bacteria as well as odor-causing molecules and destroys them, so the cells are no longer viable. Because of its positive particle charge, ValloBoat binds strongly to cell walls and membranes. Consequently, the membrane function is disrupted. The negatively-charged part of the membrane is opened and the cell is penetrated. The effect is the loss of physiological functions and the cells’ ability to regulate osmosis. Hydrophilic pores are formed and protein function is disrupted, which leads ultimately to lysis.

ValloBoat works on a variety of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, viruses and mold spores. Odor-causing molecules are also broken down through our treatment.

Here are some examples of viruses, bacteria and fungi ValloBoat can eliminate:

»  Norovirus
»  H1N1
»  Aspergillus niger
»  Trichophyton mentagrophytes
»  Pseudomonas aeruginosa
»  Staphylococcus aureus
»  Streptococcus faecalis
»  Escherichia coli
»  Pseudomones putida
»  Klebsiella aerogenes
»  Endomycopsis albicans
»  Bacillus subtilis
»  Saccharomyces cerevisiae
ValloBoat does not build up resistance, is not corrosive or oxidizing, and is odorless. Because of its physical mode of action, it does not damage furnishings or electronics.



ValloBoat provides services worldwide in the area of boat disinfection and odor elimination through cold fogging. The fast, safe and sustainable interior fogging treatment lends itself especially well to high-end nautical vessels. Because our treatment is not aggressive or oxidizing, high-quality materials are not affected.

In addition, ValloBoat partners with renowned companies from the nautical industry that perform the applications independently.

Even end customers like boat owners or managers are among the customers who purchase our systems and perform applications independently at fixed intervals, or use our treatment flexibly as a preventative measure on demand.

The appropriate training in the use of the treatment is given by skilled professionals on location with our customers at the property to be treated.

ValloBoat has already been in use since 2009. Currently we have providers in Germany, Austria, Spain and Great Britain. We are planning expansions to other countries.

In the nautical sector, the sizes of the boats range from small sailing yachts to super-yachts and cruise ships.

The possible application areas include living and sleeping areas, bathrooms, kitchens, spaces between decks or holes, and even the air-conditioning and ventilation systems, including evaporators.

In addition to use in the event of damage, our application is always in high demand as a preventative measure because of its long-lasting effects.

If you are a service provider in the nautical field or a boat owner or manager and are interested in using our treatment, please contact ValloBoat by email or using the contact form for a no-obligation first contact.

We are happy to handle your inquiry confidentially.



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